Unitised Mounted Points

Unitised mounted point 
Unitised mounted point 
Unitised mounted point 

Unitised spindle mounted points give controlled action on detailed metal components. They are available in a variety of hardnesses, sizes and shapes for ease of access.

They can be used for removing weld discolouration, removing milling lines and improving surface roughness.

Price And Availability: Whilst we list some items here a more complete range is available on our sister website: https://www.abrasivesworld.co.uk/unitised-mounted-points.html



Ball Shaped Unitised Mounted Point

We offer a ball shaped mounted point, which is useful on shaped areas where it is important to avoid creating flats.

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Pointed Unitised Mounted Tips

We offer 2 types of pointed shaped unitised mounted tips.

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Cylindrical Wheel Unitised Mounted Points

 We offer a range of straight sided cylinder shaped unitised points from 6mm diameter.


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