TSK05 Time Saving Kit: Mirror Polishing Internal Fillet Welds

TSK05 for mirror polishing internal fillet weld angles on tube and box section 

The TSK05 allows the user to remove the welds in tight angles on stainless steel box section and tubing and take to a mirror polished finish using a suitable machine such as FinitEasy.

Your kit contains:

  • Full instructions for use with text and images
  • Links to videos online so you can see the abrasives in use mirror polishing internal angles on box section and tube
  • All abrasive products required to complete the task
  • Contents include: 150mm unitised discs, Open grip finishing belts, Felt polishing wheel, Polish compounds.

This kit is used with Finit Easy fillet weld grinder.

Purchasing: These kits can be purchased via our Abrasives World website.

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