Socatt Holders and Back Up Pads

Socatt support back up pad, shaft mounted. 
Socatt support back up pad, shaft mounted. 
Socatt support back up pad for angle grinders 

Applications: Holds all Socatt system abrasive discs (with metal female thread mounting). Popular for localised work in industries such as automotive and aerospace.

Product Notes: Socatt discs have a shallow metal fastening with a male thread, which is quickly inserted into the holder. This 'quick change' capability reduces downtime in busy workshops. The system also ensures central fixing of the disc. We stock medium (M) hardness holders in heat resistant rubber, which are ideal for a wide range of tasks from stock removal to fine finishing, (use less pressure for finer work). Choose between a 6mm spindle mounting for diegrinders and drill chucks or M14 for 115mm (4 1/2") and 125mm (5") grinders and polishers.

Also Available: We stock a wide range of Socatt Discs

Sizes: 50mm (2"), 75mm (3").

Hardness: Medium-Firm

Purchasing: These holders are available from stock via our Abrasives World website.

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