Wire Brush Wheels - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel wire brush wheels - spindle mounted. 

We specialise in stainless steel wire brushes for the metal working industry. These have a range of uses in stainless steel fabrication and refurbishment, from removing coatings to aggressive cleaning of welds and splatter.

Wire Or Abrasive? 

Whilst the application of wire brush wheels overlaps that of abrasive wheels in many applications, they are a useful addition to surface finishing tooling. Abrasives primarily use hard mineral grains which will abrade the surface of the metal as well as any coatings or oxidation that you might be trying to remove. At a micro-level, wire brushing is a scraping action, with pressure being reduced by the number of wires in contact with the surface at any one time. The tip of the wire strand is usually of similar hardness to the substrate being cleaned and so is less likely to do significant damage to the surface being cleaned. Thus wire brush wheels are generally better for cleaning actions where it is not desirable to change the surface finish other than to brighten it.

Spindle Mounted Crimped Wire Wheels: Stainless Steel

Spindle mounted radial wire brush wheels are stocked from 30mm to 100mm in stainless steel wire.

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Twisted Knot Radial Wire Brush Wheels, Stainless Steel

For aggressive cleaning and de-scaling of welds using angle grinders.

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Twisted Knot Bevel Brush Wheels

A useful shaped wheel brush for larger areas. Can be used on face as a cup brush, or on edge for more local aggression.

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Pointed End Stainless Steel Brush Wheels

Pointed end brushes are ideal for work in small bores and cylinders and for decarbonising cylinder heads and ports. 

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Wire Brush Machine Wheels - Stainless Steel

These wire brush machine wheels are for mounting on rotating shaft bench machines.

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Narrow Pipeline Brush Wheels - Stainless Steel

These narrow stainless steel brush wheels are ideal for cleaning pipeline weld joints and fit angle grinders or the Finiteasy and other fillet weld grinders for cleaning corner welds.

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Angle Grinder Crimped Stainless Wire Wheels

 This crimped wire brush wheel is suitable for use on standard angle grinders to give controlled cleaning action.

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

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