Wire Brush Wheels - Steel Wire

Wire Brush Wheel For Fixed Machines. 
Wire Brush Wheel For Fixed Machines. 
Wire Brush Cup Wheel 
Wire Wheel End Brush 
Spindle mounted wire brush wheel 
Angle grinder wire brush wheel 

Our steel wire brush wheel range includes twisted knot wheels for high aggression and brass coated steel wire for more controlled action. By using brass coated steel instead of uncoated steel, we offer the benefits of:

  • No oil needed for rust-proofing.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Longer brush life.

We offer different types of wire brush wheels:

1. Spindle mounted radial wire wheels for use with air tool collets or drill chucks.

2. Spindle mounted end brushes for use with air tool collets or drill chucks, ideal for reaching into cylinders and recesses.

3. Cup brushes for use on angle grinder and metal polishing machines, face down on larger areas.

4. Wheel brush for angle grinders.

5. Machine wheels for fixed rotating shaft machines where the component can be hand fed to the wheel.

6. Pipeline brush wheels for getting into narrow spaces such as pipeline internal welds.

Wire End Brush Wheels - Steel Wire

 We stock wire wheel end brushes in both flat and pointed end forms in BCS and twisted knot. Ideal for use with air tools and drills for access to cylinders and recesses.

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Wire Brush Cup Wheels - Steel

 Wire brush cup wheels are stocked in both twisted knot and crimped wire in diameters from approx 60mm to 125mm.

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Angle Grinder Wire Brush Wheels - Steel Wire

 These radial wire brush wheels are designed for use on angle grinders and use brass coated steel wire, giving powerful, but controlled brushing.

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Wire Brush Machine Wheels - Steel Wire

 These machine brushes fit a range of fixed shaft bench machines and are stocked in 150mm, 200mm and 250mm diameters. 

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Pipeline Narrow Wire Brush Wheels

 These thin profile twisted knot wheel brushes are specifically designed to brush pipeline welds and are useful on any corner fillet weld.

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