Tube Finishing Belts (For Tube Sanding Machines)

Introduction: The finishing of tube, pipe and hand railings has been transformed with the development of hand held finishing machines such as the Finitube.  With the right selection for your application, belt life can be exceptional and a wide range of brushed, satin and polished finishes can be easily achieved.

Tube finishing belts are available in most sizes and in grades from 40 to 400 grit. In addition we stock all the standard surface conditioning material grades and polishing belts for polishing to a mirror finish. Trizact belts provide a more efficient process and diamond belts offer a means of sanding hard alloys such as chrome steel. The amazing  Micro Finishing belts which can give a mirror bright finish without the use of polishing compounds.

How to make tube finishing easy:

The number one requirement when finishing tubes is the quality of finish.  Proper preparation of the tube before using your tube polisher can make this process much easier.  We strongly recommend the new Rapid Combi Discs, which can more than halve the time taken to remove and finish welds and improve the finish standard at the same time. 

Selection: For guidance on belt selection, please click More Information below.

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We Recommend:

Performance Ceramic Belts: Now available as fine as grade 400, these belts significantly out-perform zirconium and aluminium oxide, especially on stianless steel.

Surface Conditioning Belts:      For blending and creating a burr free finish.

Trizact 237AA Belts:  For fine grade finishes in fewer stages.

Micro Finish Belts:      For bright finishing and polishing.

Open Grip Belts:       For finishing installed tube and railing. Wrap around and fasten.

Polishing Belts:      For bright and mirror polishing with suitable compounds.

Diamond Belts:       For the hardest chrome steel tubes, such as hydraulic rams.

Belt Sizes:

The following belt sizes are suggested by the machine manufacturers. Where, there is significant movement on the jaws, it may be acceptable to use a belt size slightly shorter than listed, eg a 610mm belt instead of 620mm.
FiniTube: 675x40mm
EDX E20: 760x40mm
Fein RS12-70E: 820x20 and 820x40mm
Garboli SM: 675x40mm
Metabo RB18LT: 533x30mm
Metabo RBE 12 180: 760x40mm
PIPE-MAX: 780x40
PIPE-SNIPPER: 780x40mm
Poly-Romy: 820x40mm
ROTO-BELTER: 620x40mm or 620x20mm
ROTO-TUBE CH: 650x30mm
ROTO-TUBE GRI: 820 x 12, 15 or 35mm 
ROTO-POL: 820 x 10, 20 or 40mm
ROTO-TUBE BOA: 760 x 20 or 40mm
Suhner UTG9-R: 610x30mm
Suhner UTG7-R: 533x30mm


Micro Finish Belts for Tube Polishing

Amazing new technology material giving surprisingly high levels of bright polished finish.

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Surface Conditioning Tube Finishing Belts (SCM)

These belts give a consistent final brushed or satin finish to hand rails and other tube products.

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Open Belts with Grip Closure

Open belts in cloth and non-woven abrasive with grip closure enabling the belt to be wrapped around pre-installed tube and bar, such as handrails.


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Trizactâ„¢ 237AA Tube Sanding Belts

Trizact™ 237EA belts give rapid peformance in the removal of blemishes to give fine finishes.

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Trizact 337DC Tube Finising Belts

Trizact 337DC is a fast sanding belt that can enable normal stages to be skipped. Bright tube finishes achieved quickly.

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Diamond Finitube Tube & Ram Finishing Belts

 Diamond belts provide a solution to sanding hard steel tube, such as hydraulic rams, with a Finitube machine.

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Ceramic Performance Tube Sanding Belts

 Ceramic abrasive is now offered as our standard tube sanding belt option, right up to grade 400. It gives better life and performance than either zirconium or aluminium oxide.

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Tube Polishing Belts

 We stock tube polishing belts to enable you to improve surfaces right up to a mirror finish.

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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