Surface Conditioning (SCM) Discs

Surface conditioning disc, medium. 

Applications: Surface cleaning, coatings removal, surface blending and surface finishing on stainless and other metals. For use on a suitable deep-hold backing pad on hand-held metal polishers or variable speed angle grinders. 

Product Notes: Surface conditioning material is a non-woven abrasive material on grip type backing. It does not easily load and is durable, especially when not used for de-burring.

Grades: Choose from grade 1 (coarse), 2 (medium) or 3 (very fine), depending on whether you are clean or fine finishing.

Sizes: We offer 100, 115 and 125mm discs with a 10mm locating hole which fix on to a small pin on the special backing pad. This ensures correct central location of the disc and minimises vibration. Plain discs and other diameters may be cut to order. Please enquire.

Also Available: We offer suitable backing pads with locating pins to help improve balance and reduce vibration.

Purchasing: These discs can be purchased via our Abrasives World website.

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