Stripping and Cleaning Discs

These discs are fast tools for the removal of grime, rust, paint, varnish, underseal, metal boat hull coatings and other coatings. Use to clean welds and leave a brushed finish on stainless steel.

They are made from an extra coarse grade silicon carbide grit bonded to an open structured nonwoven nylon base. The open structure resists loading, resulting in high rates of waste removal whilst the structural flexibility minimises gouging.

 Also Available:  We also offer stripping discs with Lockit, Roloc type fixing under Quick Change Discs.


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Fibre backed stripping discs are for use with angle grinders and give rapid results on larger surfaces. Shaft mounted discs provide easier access to detailed work and are for use with power drill and other powered spindle drives. The re-usable steel shaft assembly provides a strong cost effective mounting for up to 2 discs to make a 25mm wide wheel.

Stripping discs give far a superior performance to sanding discs in most applications because:

  • the open structure of the nylon base does not easily load up
  • they are slightly flexible to help avoid gouging the surface
  • they are long lasting, with abrasive impregnated through the depth of the disc
  • they don't require a backing pad and are relatively light weight.

Stripping and Cleaning Discs: Backed Discs For Angle Grinders

Fibre-backed discs are for angle grinders and are quickest on large surfaces.

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Stripping Discs: Plain For Shaft Mounting

Plain discs can be mounted on a mandrel assembly (available from us) or mounted on a machine shaft.

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Stripping Discs: Spindle Mounted

Spindle mounted stripping discs are quickly mounted onto power tools and are for edge use, making detailed work easier.

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

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