Inoxiclean: Stainless Steel Cleaning & Restoring Products

Inoxiclean metal cleaning spray 
Inoxiclean metal cleaning spray 
InoxiClean Restore Range 
InoxiClean Foam 

Inoxiclean was specifically developed to get the best out of stainless steel finishes. It is also highly effective on other metals.

InoxiClean Spray: For satin finished surfaces

InoxiClean Foam: For bright polished surfaces

InoxiClean Restore: For removing dirt and leaving a lustre and protective coating

Inoxiclean Spray for Satin Polished Surfaces

 Inoxiclean spray will clean and leave a protective layer on stainless steel.

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InoxiClean Restore for Cleaning and Maintaining Stainless Steel

Achieve amazing results in restoring and brightening stainless steel with this kit.

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