Roloc™/ Lockit™ Compatible Quick Change Discs

Lockit / Roloc zirconium quick change disc 
Lockit / Roloc zirconium quick change disc 
Lockit / Roloc surface conditioning quick change disc 
Quick change Roloc compatible felt polishing disc 

Roloc™ compatible quick change discs are supplied fitted with a nylon threaded button attachment, this screws with a half turn onto the back up pad.

There are a range of benefits from using the quick change Roloc™/ Lockit™ system including:

  • Fast change of disc to reduce down time
  • Firm disc attachment
  • Due to the method of fixing, discs are always centred on the back up pad
  • Discs are laminated and their bases made up of several layers giving a longer lifespan and an ability to withstand high pressure
  • Suitable for use on angle grinders, drills and flexible shaft machines
  • A large variety of discs are available in a range of sizes, grades and grit types
  • A full sanding system from grinding a weld to mirror polishing it can be supplied.
  • Being in samller diameters, mainly 50mm and 75mm the sanding action is kept where it is needed without abrading good surrounding surfaces.

We also supply a range of Back up pads for the The Roloc™/ Lockit™ quick change discs on a spindle or with an M14 thread.

An alternate choice of product would be the Socatt™ system which has a metal rather than nylon button.

Stripping Discs - Roloc Compatible

For removal of paint, rust and other surface coatings from both metal and wood.

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Aluminium Oxide Roloc™ / Lockit™ Quick Change Discs

Aluminium oxide discs are ideal for work on steel, such as removing weld splatter.

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Buff and Blend Roloc™ & Lockit™ Compatible Discs

Ideal for removing, refining and improving primary burrs, oxidation and rust and other imperfections

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Felt Polishing Quick Change Discs - Roloc & Lockit Compatible

Felt polishing discs for polishing metal upto a mirror finish.

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Ceramic Premium Roloc™ Compatible Discs

Ceramic disc with top coating for cooler grinding, for heavy stock removal of steel and stainless steel.

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Zirconium Lockit™ / Roloc™ Discs

Zirconium oxide discs with heat resistant grinding aids for use on stainless steel and titanium alloys etc

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Unitised Metal Polishing Roloc™ / Lockit™ Discs

These unitised discs can save a lot of time by quickly bringing up a bright finish on metal, including stainless steel.

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Standard Quick Change Sanding Discs

A standard range of discs interchangeable with Roloc and Lockit in grades 24-320 and offering superb value for money.

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Surface Conditioning (SCM) Roloc & Lockit Compatible Discs

Surface conditioning material (SCM) discs are ideal for many metal finishing tasks.

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