Power File Belts

Abrasive power file belts 

Introduction: We supply ideal replacement belts for almost power files. Most sizes are available ex-stock in most grades from 36 / 40 grit and in all the standard surface conditioning material grades.  Please note that the range of machines and lengths available is extensive, so if the particular belt size you require is not shown on this site, we can almost certainly make it to order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Power File Belt Selection

Please check your belt size prior to ordering.  If you are at all unsure please cut open an old belt and carefully measure the length and width. Most machines have some scope for belt tightening.

Standard Sanding Range: We have selected the optimum abrasive for performance in metalworking. Our Performance sanding range thus includes:

Grade 36-80:   Ceramic  -  For rapid material removal and shaping. Ideal for coarser grinding grades.

Grade 120:  TZ59  Zirconium  -  For controlled stock removal also used for mini belt sizes (where flexibility is important) in other grades.

Grades 180-400:  JF4T - Aluminium Oxide - For refining and pre-polishing. A high purity aluminium oxide with top coating. Ideal for most metals including stainless steel and aluminium.

We also offer powerfile belts in:

SCM  -  Surface Conditioning  -  For blending and creating a burr free finish

Trizact  -  Structured Grain  -  For fine finishing in fewer stages.

If the belt you require is not shown please contact us and we can manufacture the belt to your own specifications.

More Information

 Notes on abrasive belt performance:

When using power-file belts many people suffer from problems with belts breaking or with the abrasive belts wearing out very quickly.  There is normally one of three reasons for this

  1. The quality of the belt joints being supplied. 
  2. The strength of the backing used
  3. The type of abrasive grit

In our experience it is not worth compromising on any of the above. 

  1. To ensure break-free joints our poduction partners, Cibo, have spent many years developing the right joint for power-file belts. This consists of correct preparation prior to taping the joint and curing the adhesive.
  2. All our standard stock belts are made with either strong polyester cloth or heavy duty cloth backings.
  3. For all coarser grit belts we recommend a premium performance ceramic grit. This vastly out-performs both aluminium oxide and zirconium on metal.

Belt Selection

The following are a few of the popular powerfiles and the belt sizes to match them:

Belt-It: See Below

Black & Decker KA900E: 13x451mm

Bosch GEF7E: 6, 13 & 20mm widths. 457mm long.

Clarke CPF13: 13x451mm

Evolution MiniBelt 2: 13x457mm

Ferm 400W: 13x457mm

Kobe XSB613K: 6, 10, 13 & 20mm widths. 457mm long.

Makita 9031: 30x533mm

Makita 9032: 9x533mm

Metabo BF LTx90, BFE 9-20, 9-90: 457mm long x 6, 13 or 19mm widths.

Metabo DBF457: 13x457mm

Silverline 247820: 13x457mm

Belt-It Machines

The Seco 'Belt-It' machines are available from us. They are regarded as premium rugged and reliable machines, ideal for metalworking. The following is a list of Belt-It belt sizes:

BG10: 10x330mm

BG20: 20x520mm

BG30: 30x540mm

BF & SH (Depends on the arm fitted): Lengths: 457mm, 533mm, 610mm. Widths: 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 19mm.

Surface Conditioning Powerfile Belts

For cleaning, blending and finishing from coarse brushed to fine satin surfaces.

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Trizactâ„¢ 237 Power File Belts

Trizact™ belts are ideal for achieving finer finishes quickly by using fewer stages.

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Performance Sanding Powerfile Belts

 We base our performance powerfile belt range on ceramic abrasive which significantly outperfoms and outlasts ordinary aluminium oxide and zirconium abrasives. 

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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