Polishing Compounds

Polishing compounds for metal 

Applications: Use on polishing discs, wheels, mops and belts to leave a range of finishes from buffed to mirror on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Product Notes: All of our polishing compounds are sold in bars of approx 1kg. Select as follows:

PV101:  Green Compound. For use on a wide range of metals including stainless steel, provides a clear, slightly milky reflective surface.

PV102: Pink Compound. For use on stainless steel, leaving a clear bright reflection with a ‘blue’ colour which you should see in a high mirror finish.

PV05: Off White Compound. For a bright finish on most metals. Also a good choice for many plastics using cotton mops.

PV569: Black Compound. A more aggressive polish with a higher abrasive content. Ideal for removing deeper scratch marks. Can be used with sisal mops for greater aggression.

Also Available: Polishing belts, mops and discs. To leave a bright finish after polishing, use Vienna Chalk on a soft cloth to de-grease and clean.

Purchasing: For prices and easy ordering, please refer to our Abrasives World website.

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