Nonwoven Abrasive Flap Brush Wheels - M14 Fixing (FMTM)

Nonwoven abrasive flap brush wheel for FiniMaster II 

Applications: For use on the FiniMaster II machines (ie most supplied in last 3-4 years). Use for blending, light brushed and soft satin finishing on stainless steel. Also ideal for light damage removal and re-graining aluminium.

Product Notes: M14 screwed fixing goes directly on to Finimaster II machines. These wheels have the benefit of 5in diameter giving much more controlled finishing (less risk of jumping) and lnger life than the 4in equivalents.

Size: Diameter: 120mm. Width:  50mm and 110mm

Fixing: M14.

Also Available: For FiniMaster Basic and PTX type machines, we have equivalent 4in diameter wheel brushes with 19mm keyway, type FMTA.

Purchasing: These wheels can be purchased via our Abrasives World website.

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