Mounted Points

Pink Corundum Mounted Points 
Pink Corundum Mounted Points 
White Corundum Mounted Point 
Grey corundum mounted point 
Black Mounted Point 

We offer mounted points in four ranges, characterised by colour, to suit different applications:

Black: For removing small amounts of metal with control, eg de-burring and chamfering stainless steel.

Pink: For cast iron, steel, and general weld dressing.

Grey: For stone, plastics and non-ferrous metals.

White: For hard, heat treated steels, (including HSS-tools) and alloys.

White Mounted Corundum Points

White mounted points are the best selection for working on hard heat treated steel, including HSS. They are also best for stainless steel and hard alloys.

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Pink Corundum Mounted Points

Pink mounted points are ideal for a wide range of detailed grinding duties on iron or steel.

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Black Corundum Mounted Points

Black corundum mounted points give a good rate of stock removal from steel and stainless steel.

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Grey Corundum Mounted Points

Grey corundum points are for non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and bronze. They can also be used on non-metalic materials, such as stone and hard plastics.

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