Mandrels & Holders

Chosing the right mandrel for your application is obviously very important.  We have tried to specify as clearly as possible which product to use and when, however if you are unsure then please feel free to give us a call.  To ensure you have chosen the correct mandrel we recommend that you follow the process below:

1.  Find the relevant abrasive page

2.  Select and order the abrasive product that suits your application.

3.  Follow the link from the abrasives pages directly to the correct mandrels page.

4.  Check that the size specification is the same as the abrasives ordered.

 We have only listed the popular spiraband holders in this section, although we have an extensive range of other mandrels. Please contact us with your requirements.

Holders for Spirabands

Please click this photo to see the range of spiraband holders available.

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Please click this photo to see the range of mandrels available.

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Holders for Abrasive Caps

We supply mandrel holders for all the abrasive cap range.

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Polishing Mop Wheel Mandrels

 These mandrels have tapered threaded mountings for polishing mops and wheels.

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Slitting Disc Arbour

 These arbours are for mounting 75mm slitting discs and Multi-Cut wheels with 3/8", 9.6mm, centres.

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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