Inoxitape for Mitre Finishing Stainless Steel

Inoxitape in ready to use packaging 
Inoxitape in ready to use packaging 
Inoxitape for mitre finishing stainless steel 
Applications: Inoxitape has been created to help achieve a perfect mitre finish on stainless steel wheel.
Product Notes: Size 40mm x 5m. Inoxitape is provided in a purpose made dispenser containing a roll self adhesive stainless steel tape and has been designed to save time and money.
To see the product in use with our Satin Polish Kit, please look at the video clip on our supplier's web page.

Also Available: Our Satin Polishing Kit contains everything needed to remove a weld and achieve a satin polished finish.
Purchasing: Inoxitape can be purchased via our Abrasives World website.

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