Flap Wheels For Hand-Held Machines

We offer an excellent range of flap wheels for professional metal finishing. For the popular hand-held machines we offer 2 configations:

100mm Wheels With 19mm Keyway: These fit FiniMaster Basic, Poly PTX, Fein LP1503 and Metabo S18 LTX (with adaptor fitted).

120mm Wheels with M14 Fixing: These fit Finimaster 2, FiniPower, Finiteasy, Metabo S18 LTX (upto 50mm wide). 

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Flap Wheel Brush Selection:

Cloth Flaps: For gentle grinding action and coatings stripping. Available in 100mm dia (FMLA).

Combination Flaps: For light aggression, removing scratch marks, cleaning and leaving fine line finishes. Available in 100mm dia (FMCA) and 120mm dia (FMCM).

Non-Woven Abrasive Flaps: For cleaning, light coatings removal and applying superb finishes from brushed to satin. Available in 100mm dia (FMTA) and 120mm dia (FMTM).

Stripping Flaps: For stripping rust, tarnish, paint and varnish from large areas. Available in 100mm dia (FMCS).


Combination Flap Brush with 19mm Keyway (FMCA)

Combining the benefits of both coated and non-woven abrasive in one wheel. These wheel brushes are ideal for scratch removal and re-graining.

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Stripping Wheel Brush (FMCS)

Use this wheel to clean and strip rust as well as to leave a satin finish on stainless steel.

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Abrasive Cloth Flap Brush Wheels With 19mm Keyway

These cloth flap wheel brushes will provide rapid cleaning and sanding. They are stocked in grades 40 (coarse) to 120 (medium).

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Nonwoven Flap Wheel Brush with 19mm Keyway (FMTA)

Nonwoven abrasive wheel brushes give a range of surface finishes from coarse grain down to fine sheen.

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Nonwoven Abrasive Flap Brush Wheels - M14 Fixing (FMTM)

These nonwoven abrasive flap brush wheels fit directly to the Finimaster II machines and are ideal for blending and soft satin finishing.

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

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All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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