Flap Wheels: Non-woven Abrasive

Non-woven Abrasive Flap Wheel 

Applications: Non-woven abrasive gives consistent gentle action making these wheels ideal for putting fine finishes onto metal parts. They will clean surfcaes without gouging, remove light scratches and scuffing and produce a finish ranging from brushed to satin depending on the grade chosen.

Product Notes: Non-woven abrasive is an open structured abrasive that does not easily load up and wil give a conistent finish as it wears. Avoid applying excessive pressure as this creates heat. Used normally for metal finishing, these wheels will give a long service life.

'A' in the grade means aluminium oxide abrasive. Choose Grade: AF (Fine), AVF (Very Fine), CP (3M Cut & Polish)

'S' in the grade means silicon carbide abrasive. F (Fine), UF (Ultra Fine)

Diameters: 150mm or 200mm

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