Unitised and Convolute Metal Finishing Wheels

Unitised and convolute wheels can save a lot of time by eliminating several stages of traditional metal polishing methods.  With the right product at the right speed you will be amazed what can be accomplished.  Below (click the 'More Information' tab) are just a few of the application opportunities that these wheels open up. Please contact us if you would like advise on how technical wheels can best help you to improve your process and finish.

These wheels are formed from re-processed non-woven abrasive to give a light texture with the characteristic of controlled aggression. Unitised wheels are cut from slabs and are usually supplied in maximum thicknesses of 13mm. Convolute wheels are cut from a 'log' which has been rolled from the base material before final baking. The abrasive material is thus in a spiral or convolute profile within the 'log'. The wheels can then be cut to almost any thickness, with 25mm and 50mm being popular widths. The most aggressive will remove welds whilst the finer grades will brighten the metal leaving fine finishes. 

Our selection is separated in to 4 catagories:

Unitised General Use Wheels: for fixed spindle machines. Wide range of sizes and grades available.

Convolute General Use Wheels: For fixed spindle machines. From 150mm upwards. Ideal solutions for fine finishing hard alloys.

Wheels for Finit-Easy Machines: All of these wheels are 6" / 150mm diameter and are either 3mm or 6mm in width.

Spindle Mounted Unitised Wheels: Convenient for finishing shapes and profiles with air tools or drills.

Unitised Wheels.Convolute WheelsFiniteasy Unitised WheelsSpindle Mounted Unitised Wheels

More Information

Unitised and Convolute Finishing Wheels Application Examples: 

  • With grade SA8 followed by SA5 then a felt disc, mirror polish stainless steel welds in 3 steps using a Finiteasy machine.
  • With an SA2 convolute wheel deburr literally thousands of parts whilst leaving the required surface finish unchanged.
  • Use an SA5 disc on aluminium to remove even deep scratch marks and leave a surface ready for final polishing.
  • Remove casting marks whilst gently radiussing brass nameplates.









Unitised Metal Finishing Wheels - General Use

General purpose unitised finishing wheel range offers great opportunities for time saving in metal finishing and polishing using bench machines.

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Finit-Easy Finishing Wheels - Unitised & Brush

 We have a full range of 3mm and 6mm wide unitised Finiteasy wheels in stock. We also stock a suitable wire brush wheel for aggressive weld cleaning.

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Convolute Metal Polishing Wheels

 Convolute finishing wheels save a lot of time in achieving high finishes on hard metal components which can be hand-held to the wheel.

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Unitised Wheels - Spindle Mounted

 These unitised wheels are spindle mounted making them ideal for cleaning & polishing metal with drills and air-tools.

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Unitised Discs For 125mm Polishers

 These discs fit directly onto the flanges of a 125mm polisher providing a quick and cost effective means of removing and polishing corner welds.

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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