FiniTube, Tube Sanding & Finishing Abrasive Machine

FiniTube, tube polishing machine and kit 
FiniTube, tube polishing machine and kit 
Finitube - Polishes Curves In Tubes and Pipes 
Finitube Machine, Tube Polishing Machine 

Applications: We consider this the best hand-held tube finishing machine available for cleaning, de-rusting, finishing and polishing tubes, pipes and bars. Applications include brushed finishing stainless steel ballustrades, mirror polishing marine fitments, satin finished furniture, finished stainless pipes in food and pharmaceutical industries. It has a good torque and wide speed range enabling a wide range of finishes from coarse to mirror polished to be quickly achieved with the different belts we hold in stock.

Product Notes: Designed by abrasive specialists, Cibo of Belgium. For list of items included in the set, please click More Information below. FiniTube features include:

  • Superior cornering ability when compared to other tube polishers
  • 270 degree working in one sweep.
  • No need for guide wheels, hence will work easily on bends.
  • 110V version available for on-site use.
  • Fully variable speed to give the correct controlled action.
  • Good torque characteristic avoiding torque ripple at low speeds.
  • Full range of sanding, surface conditioning and polishing belts in stock.
  • Well balanced, handles and belt pressure points well aligned.
  • Easy to use.
  • Rapid belt replacement.
  • Vibration 1.99m/s2 (nominal - will vary with speed).

Also Available: We offer a wide range of belts, size 675x40mm to fit FiniTube machines, including sanding, surface conditioning and felt polishing belts.

Purchasing: Finitube prices and easy ordering facilities are available on our Abrasives World website.


More Information

Set includes: extras to get you started and confirm your optimum process:

  • FiniTube machine (Choose 230 or 110v)
  • Set of 12 various sanding belts
  • 1 pack, 10 pieces Tex handpads
  • 1 can Inoxiclean spray
  • 1 sanding gum
  • 1 spare drive belt
  • Supplied in sturdy metal toolbox

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