FiniPower Variable Speed Metal Finishing Machines

FiniPower slow speed metal polishing machine. 


For high performance on all abrasive metal cutting, grinding and finishing tasks. The variable speed gives controlled performance for metal removal and metal polishing when working on stainless steel or non-ferrous metals. The Finipower is perfect for a wide range of duties including cutting, grinding, weld blending, brush finishing and polishing

Product Notes:

Time Saving Kits:

To achieve the most from your SMMS6 Finipower, use with the Cibo Time Saving Kits which offer a complete stainless finishing solution in a box

TSK01: Brush finish mitres

TSK03: Brush finish outside of tube joints

TSK04: Polish mitres and exterior box

TSK06: Polish outside of tube joints

Watch the video of the FiniPower in use removing welds and brush finishing external angles on box section, creating a perfect mitred finish

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More Information


• Motor power: 1,200 Watt

• Rotational speed: variable with the range 2,200 - 6,500 rpm.

• Disc diameter: 125m. Standard 22.2mm/M14 mounting.

• Overload protection.

• Spindle lock.

• 110v and 230v available.

Further information:

  • Correct speed results in less heat and longer disc life as well as better results.
  • Good torque/speed characteristics to drive brushes without torque ripple.
  • Using the right product on the right tool prevents excess grinding, under cutting and reduces the need for re-working.

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