Inflatable Wheels & Tyres for Finimaster & Other Metal Finishing Machines

FiniMaster II Inflatable Wheel 
FiniMaster II Inflatable Wheel 
Inflatable wheel 100mm for Finimaster Original & Others 

Applications: For use with suitable abrasives sleeves on Finimaster II (125mm dia) and Finimaster Original, PTX and other machines (100mm dia). The 125mm diameter wheels have M14 fixings whilst the 100mm wheels have holes for 19mm double keywayed shafts.

Product Notes: We supply wheels with tyres or replacement tyres only, as required. Product references with 'R' are tyres only. For information on machine compatibility and belt sizes click the 'More Information' tab below. 

Also Available: We supply the correct sized abrasive sleeve belts to suit these wheels. We also supply firmer ventilated rubber wheels for mounting sanding sleeves in size 100mm with 19mm bore. Where a more constant process for metal finising is used, it may be more convenient to use flap wheels for these machines. We stock a full range.

Purchasing: These wheels are available from our e-commerce enabled website: AbrasivesWorld.

More Information

Wheel & Belt Selection Guide:

Our Finimaster I machine (code FMNU.374 and 374R) is equipped with a shaft with a 19mm keyway and operates with wheels and belts 100mm wide and 100mm diameter. PTX and other similar machines also use this size. Belt sizes are:

  • Finimaster I, Finimaster Basic, PTX and similar:
    • Abrasive cloth belts - 293 x 100mm
    • Surface Conditioning belts - 305 x 100mm

The new Finimaster II machine (code FMNU.M and MR) allows all the wheels and tyres to fit directly onto the M14 thread of the machine head, which means that the wheels can be changed much faster and improves access to corners.  Wheels and belts supplied are normally 120 or 125mm in diameter.  Increasing the diameter from 4" to 5" also makes it easier to create a high quality finish, (less torque ripple at low speeds on the bigger machines). Belt sizes are:

  • Finimaster II
    • Abrasive cloth belts - 385 x 100mm
    • Surface Conditioning belts - 395 x 100mm

Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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