Finimaster Multi-Purpose Abrasive Machine

Finimaster 2 with non-woven abrasive finishing wheel brush. 
Finimaster 2 with non-woven abrasive finishing wheel brush. 
Finimaster can be used as a belt drive machine. 

Applications: This machine can be used with inflatable or ventilated wheel driven grinding and sanding sleeves, belts and brush wheels to grind, clean, blend, satinise, surface finish and polish. It is suitable for work on most metals as well as wood. It can also drive belts for tube finishing.

Product Notes: Consists of an industrial strength working head driven by a variable speed 1,200-3,200 electric motor. The drive shaft is double bearing mounted for strength and durability. Can use standard closed belts, or for added flexibility, Cibo-grip open belts can be used. Drive wheels of either a softer inflatable type for graining and finer work, or a rubber-flapped ventilated wheel for firmer application can be applied. A full range of brush and polishing wheels (125mm diameter, with M14 thread) are available.

The advantages of this machine over other finishing machines are:

  • Larger diameter 5 inch wheels give much improved finish quality without judder marks.
  • Much longer abrasive wheel and sleeve life due to larger circumference.
  • Excellent variable speed characteristics giving a high torque at low speed - important for fine and mirror finishes.

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Also Available: A full range of accessories and consumables is available including: inflatable wheel, abrasive sleeves, flap wheels, polishing brushes.

Purchasing: Prices of the different Finimaster kit options and easy ordering facilities are available on our Abrasives World website.


More Information

Kit Options:

Available as a basic set, (S1) in metal case, (choose 110 or 230V) complete with:

  • Machine
  • Inflatable wheel & trye
  • Set of sanding finishing sleeves in coated and SCM materials
  • Set of open belts for tube finishing
  • Tex non-woven abrasive finishing wheel, grade 80
  • Spanner and pump.

Or for extra value (additional items worth £74.66), take our Set 2 (S2) with:

  • All items in Set 1 Plus:
  • Combination flap wheel, grade 80
  • Can of Inoxiclean spray
  • Roll of Inoxitape for graining corners
  • Abrasive rubber black.

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