Fibre Backed Sanding Discs

Fibre Sanding Disc 
Fibre Sanding Disc 
Fibre backed zirconia sanding disc 
Fibre backed surface conditioning disc 

Fibre backed discs are still one of the most popular methods of grinding metal when some flexibility in the abrasive disc is required. 

 On the website we have detailed different types of coated abrasive fibre disc:

1.  Aluminium Oxide Discs (Brown).  Suitable for mild steel and cast iron. Best for use on aluminium or when used as a grinding pad in advance of beginning a polishing process (aluminium oxide discs leave a less coarse scratch than other equivalent grit discs).

2.  Zirconium Discs (Blue).   The best general purpose disc for more aggressive applications on mild steel.  We recommend our zirconia discs for general stainless steel fabrication work where they are an excellent all round disc.

3. Ceramic Discs (Red). Based on the superbly performinf 'FX' material. These discs give rapid grinding even on harder alloys. They far outlast almost all other sanding discs. They are recommended for rapid grinding of stainless steel.

4. Surface Conditioning Material (SCM). For cleaning and surface finishing all steels.

  Please note all fibre discs should be used with a back up pad.  Details of suitable back up pads can be found here.



Fibre Discs - Blue Zirconium (Premium K3K)

Zirconium fibre backed discs are best for stainless steel and harder alloys and also give longer life on mild steel.

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Fibre Discs: Aluminium Oxide

 Our Aluminium oxide fibre backed discs are ideal for general metalwork on mild steel and cast iron. These are great quality discs at superb value prices.

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Fibre Backed Discs: Surface Conditioning Material (SCM)

Fibre backed surface conditioning discs for controlled stock removal and fine finishing.

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FX Ceramic Fibre Discs

FX ceramic fibre discs are the disc of choice for heavy grinding hard metals such as stainless steel

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