Combination Flap Brush Wheel with 19mm Keyway (FMCA)

Combination flap brush wheel 

Applications: FMCA combination brushes in grades 80 and 180 are designed specifically to fit Finimaster Basic or PTX type machines (with 19mm shaft) and are suitable for light coating removal, scratch removal and re-graining.  They are best used after an abrasive disc or belt to condition the surface and blend the finish with the original surface. There is also a ceramic abrsive, grade 60 wheel which will clean tough coatings such as millscale.

Product Notes: These wheels use alternate flaps of coated abrasive to quickly remove scratches and blemishes and non-woven abrasive to re-grain the surface. They can be a great time saver.

Grades: 60 (Ceramic), 80 (Aluminium oxide) and 180 (Aluminium oxide).

Sizes: Diameter: 100mm, Lengths: 50mm and 100mm, Centre: 19mm with double keyway.

Also Available: For the same machines we also stock non-woven, cloth backed, stripping and polishing brush wheels.

Purchasing: These wheels can be purchased from stock with quantity discounts from our Abrasives World website.


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