Alu-Grind Spray - Grinding Aluminium

Alu-Grind Spray For Aluminium Sanding 

Grinding Aluminium

As many fabricators will be aware, grinding and sanding aluminium and many aluminium alloys can be difficult due to its low melting point and its tendency to load up abrasive products. Stategies to deal with this include:

1. Use an anti-static lubricant such as Alu-Grind on the disc or belt surface.

2. Slow down the speed, using a variable speed machine with a good lower speed torque, such as FiniPowerFiniPower Variable Speed Machine Has A Good Torque at Low Speed

3. Use specialised coated and non-woven products such as UC grade Rapid Combi DiscsRapid Combi Disc, Ultra Coarse Is Great For Dry Grinding Aluminium

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Alu-Grind Aluminium Sanding Spray

Al-Grind spray works on your sanding disc or belt to make aluminium grinding and sanding much easier.

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