Linishing, Grinding & Tube Notching Belts

Belts which are commonly used on flat table or vertical linishing and tube notching machines come in a huge range of lengths and widths, some of the more popular being listed under the belts types below. They are commonly used for tool sharpening, general deburring and 'flat surfacing' and tube notching. We can supply replacement belts for almost any machine. If you don't see your size listed, please enquire.

The most popular grit range is between 60 and 120 grit, however belts can be manufactured through the full abrasive range from 36 grit to 800 grit.

We recommend:

HZ72  -  Zirconia belts  -  With a high perfomance zirconia grit and a tough polyester backing HZ72 is our top recommendation for table linishing belts.  HZ72 is good for grinding steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

TX52  -  Al Oxide belts  -  Good general purpose cotton cloth belt with a little flexibility.  Recommended for lighter use and on mild steel, (Also ideal for woodworking).

FX87  -  Ceramic belts  -  Top performance and durability. Available in coarse grades 36-80 for high performance on stainless and hard steel alloys.

SCM - Surface Conditioning Material belts - For light cleaning and coating removal, leaving brushed or satin finishes.

Trizact 237AA - Structured Grain Finishing Belts - Ideal to take stainless steel up to very fine finishes in fewer steps.

Specialist Knife Craft Belts: As knife craft tends to require multiple grades of belts, we now stock belt sets which include 5 grades from 80 to 1400.

Also Available:

Please see our other belt listings for powerfile belts, tube polishing belts, and portable belt sander belts.



HZ72 Heavy Duty Zirconium Belts

HZ72 is a high performance zirconium abrasive on a heavy duty backing. Available in grades 36-120. For grinding and tube notching all steel including stainless.

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Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Linishing Belts

Aluminium oxide abrasive makes good general purpose belts especially for mild steel. Available in grade 36 right up to grade 400.

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Surface Conditioning Belts

 We can supply surface conditioning belts of almost any size for horizontal and vertical linishing machines.

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FX87 Ceramic Top Coated Linishing Belts

Available in grades 36 - 80 these top coated ceramic belts have an excellent cut rate and are particularly effective on stainless steel

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Trizactâ„¢ 237AA Linishing Belts

Trizact™ 237 belts give a fast cut rate even in fine finishes and can be made to order in almost any size.

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Knife Making Mixed Set

 We stock these speciality knife making belt sets to suit the American style 48 inch and 72 inch belt grinders.

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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