Machines For Metal Finishing - Hand Held

Finitube, tube and rail hand held polishing machine 
Finitube, tube and rail hand held polishing machine 
Finit Easy machine for awkward angles and hard to reach places 
Finipower angle grinder with Rapid Combi Disc 
Finitube and Finimaster hand held finishing and polishing machines 
Finimaster with tex wheel 

We offer a selection of specialised machines to improve the productivity and performance of metalworkers, especially in finishing tasks:

What do you want to do?

Perfect for tube, hand rail and balustrade finishing quickly
and easily, particularly efficient around tight corners
  and bends.
Blending, regraining and fine finishing of flat and curved
surfaces. The perfect multi-purpose tool for flat graining
and finishing.
Finit-Easy: The original fillet weld removal tool, for grinding,
  cleaning, finishing and polishing internal
 corners and hard to reach areas.
Finipower: Grinding, finishing and polishing, where access is not a
  problem. Powerful, high torque, variable speed grinders
  giving the right speed for the right finish when sanding
  and polishing

Other Machines: We also offer a range of larger abrasive belt grinding machines, including our 2 speed Pipetuner tube notching machine, for creating saddle joints on square and round tube.  Contact us for further details. We have access to the high performance Seco Belt-It powefile range. Please contact us with details of your requirements.

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Note on Variable Speed Control: 

Easy abrasive finishing is all about speed.  The correct speed will give you more control, a better quality finish and longer abrasive product life. 
Just as with milling and cutting operations, the speed at which abrasives operate has a major effect on the quality of finish, the ability to control the finishing process and on the lifetime of the abrasives.  Undoubtedly, the most cost effective process will be achieved with the right tool, at the right speed with the best and most appropriate abrasive.  We could supply 'cheaper' tools without variable speed control and with lower power motors, but if you want to achieve consistent high quality finishes and reduce your overall abrasive costs then variable speed control with high torque motors is essential. 
All our electric tools have been developed using motors giving the optimum speed range for the task and come with a 12 month guarantee.  

Finimaster Multi-Purpose Abrasive Machine

Ideal for graining flat surfaces, but also with a belt drive wheel capability for tube finishing, this market leading machine has 125mm diameter wheels for easy, consistent finishing.

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Finit-Easy: The Original Fillet Weld Grinder

Fillet welds and inner corners can be hard to reach. Finiteasy makes life much easier for the fabricator who wants to present a fully finished product.

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FiniTube, Tube Finishing & Polishing Abrasive Machine

Finitube is widely regarded as the best tube finishing machine available due to its ease of use, ability to work on curves and excellent variable speed characteristics.

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FiniPower Variable Speed Metalworking Machines

Finipower is a 125mm metalworking machine with the right torque and speed characteristics to perform a range of tasks from metal removal to polishing.

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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