Pointed Unitised Mounted Tips

Pointed unitised mounted point 
Pointed unitised mounted point 
Rebel One Ceramic Abrasive Unitised Tip 

Applications: Pointed unitised mounted points are ideal for finishing where access is an issue, for example inside weld seems. The S-7 grade will gently remove surface material, weld splatter etc, leaving a bright finish. The T-10 grade uses ceramic abrasive for faster performance even on hard alloys. They can also be used for removing weld discolouration, removing milling lines and improving surface roughness. 3mm spindle suit suitable die-grinders, Dremmels and similar straight shaft machines.

Product Notes: The grade S-7 gives a good performance on most metals. Grade M-8 is slightly harder and moe aggressive. Grade 10 is from the new Cibo 'Rebel One' range and incorporates ceramic abrasive making it ideal for harder alloys and gives the highest aggression.

Size: 10mm dia x 19mm long. 3mm spindle.

Grades: S-7, M-8, T10

Also Available: Please follow this link to see alternate shaped unitised mounted points.

Purchasing: These unitised tips can be purchased via our Abrasives World website.



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