Micro-finish Sleeve Belts

Micro-finish sleeve belt 

Applications: Micro-finish material is capable of achieving consistent, ulta-fine satin finishes on metal. Use these sleeve belts with inflatable wheel machines.

Product Notes: Micro-finish abrasive achieves finishes several time their nominal grade due to the way the abrasive remains flexible on its backing, eg 240 grade gives approximately P1200 finish. For approximate comparisons with standard 'P' sanding grades, click on the More Information tab.

For ultra-fine finishes, keep the work area clean. A light water mist can help to cool and lubricate, but avoid excessive water.

Also Available: We can make other belt sizes in micro-fininsh material. Please ask.

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Micro-Finish Equivalent Grades

Micro-Finish Grade    Equivalent Standard Grade

           180                              P600

           240                              P1200

           320                              P1500

           400                              P3000

           600                              P3500

           800                              P4000

         1200                              P6000

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