Heavy Duty Ceramic Abrasive (FX87) Belts with Grinding Aids

FX87 ceramic top coated grinding belts 

Applications: FX87 is a high performance ceramic abrasive material which is particulary effective on stainless steel and hard alloys. It is also ideal for use on other steels for grinding when maximum stock removal is required. Being top coated with grinding aids, these belts are also an excellent choice for grinding aluminium. Available in grades 36, 40, 60 and 80.

Product Notes:

  • High quality ceramic grit, particularly effective on stainless steel and hard alloys. 
  • Heavy duty polyester backing, ideal for grinding applications such as tube notching.
  • Top coated with grinding aids to reduce loading and help cooling.
  • Well made angled, machined and taped joints for strength and smooth running.
  • We stock a comprehensive range of ceramic FX87 powerfile, grinding and linishing belts. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements if the belt size you require is not listed.

Also Available: For finer grades and metal finishing Trizact and surface conditioning belts are also available.

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

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All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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