FX87 Ceramic Top Coated Linishing & Grinding Belts

FX87 top coated ceramic linishing belts 

Applications: Particularly suited to grinding when maximum stock removal is required. Ideal for stainless steel and hard alloys, but also a really good choice for aluminium due to the grinding aids coating and sharp grain giving cool grinding with low tendency to load up. These belts are a popular choice or tube notching and other applications where rapid grinding is required. The sharpness of the grain and the top coating of grinding aids helps achieve fast results without excessive heat.

Product Notes: FX87 is a premium ceramic material with the features of:

  • High quality ceramic grit, particularly effective on stainless steel. 
  • Durable polyester heavy duty backing.
  • Top coated with grinding aids to reduce loading and help cooling.
  • Grades 36-120.

We can now also supply belts in  a new ceramic abrasive FF87 in a more flexible F-weight backing to fine grade 400. 

Purchasing: Many popular sizes and grades can be supplied from stock. Please see our Abrasive World website for prices, or contact us for a quote.



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