Electrowand Combi Weld Cleaning Kit


Applications: The Electrowand Combi is an effective and efficient method for cleaning blueing and weld discolouration from TIG welds. It works by feeding electic current via either carbon brushes or pads (electrodes), as the operator finds most convenient, into an acidic electrolite liquid. Electrolysis causes the discoloured/contaminated molecules to detach from the metal surface and deposit on the electrodes, leaving a bright clean surface.

Product Notes: The kit includes: 

  • Mk4 Electrowand electric supply feed.
  • 2 Wand carbon brush assemblies.
  • 20 electrode pads.
  • 1 Bottle (0.5l) of acid.
  • 1 Bottle (0.5l) of neutraliser solution.
  • 1 Spill resistant container.
  • Carry case.


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