Sleeve Belts For Wheels & Tyres

Abrasive sleeve belts for sanding wheels. 

Sleeves:  A common name for belts between 50 and 10mm wide and 200 to 400mm in length.  Most sleeves fit onto expanding rubber wheels or onto an inflatable tyre.

Abrasive sleeves are available ex-stock in most sizes and in grades from 40 grit through to felt sleeves for bright finishing for all the various finishing machines sold in the UK.

 We Recommend:

TZ59 Zirconium  belts (grades 36-120):     For removing coarse surface damage and creating a grain structure.

SCM   Surface Conditioning belts (grades coarse to very fine): For blending and creating a burr free finish after TZ59.

JF4T   Al Oxide belts (grades 180-320):  For refining and pre-polishing.

FX87 Ceramic Belts (grades 36-80):     For scale removal and high aggression stock removal.

Felt for final or mirror polishing.

Size Guide: For guidance on sizes click the 'More Information' tab below.


More Information

Sleeve Belt Sizes:

The following table is a guide to recommended belt length for the Finimaster I and Finimaster II machines

    Machine     Wheel Type          Belt Specifications
  Material   Length   Width
   Finimaster                Basic     Solid Rubber   Abrasive     287    100
    SCM     297    100
    Inflatable tyre   Abrasive     293    100
    SCM     305    100
   Finimaster II     Inflatable tyre   Abrasive     385    100
   SCM     395    100

For 'Poly PTX' and similar machines use 280x100mm for solid rubber wheels.

Please check your belt size prior to ordering.  A good way to check is to cut open and old belt and carefully measure the length. If you are at all unsure please contact us to confirm your standard wheel size.  Belt length is particularly critial on solid rubber wheels. 

If the belt you require is not shown please contact us as we can manufacture belts to your own specifications.

Fine Grade Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Sleeves (JF4Top)

Finer grits (grades P120-400) are catered for with this high grade aluminium oxide top coated range of sleeves.

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Micro Finishing Belts

Micro-finish sleeve belts provide ultra-fine brush surface finishes on metal.

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SCM - Surface Conditioning Material Sleeves

For cleaning, finishing and leaving a range of finishes from brushed to fine satin. Ideal for constent finishing stainless steel.

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Zirconia Abrasive Sleeves (TZ59)

Zirconium abrasive sleeves with cotton backing provide a controlled grained surface on almost all metals including stainless steel.

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Trizact 337DC Sleeve Belts

Trizact™ 337DC sleeve belts are best for satin finishing for use with 125mm inflatable wheels.

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Felt Sleeve Belts

We stock felt polishing belts to fit the 125mm inflatable wheel.

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Trizact 237AA Sleeve Belts

Trizact™ 237AA belts offer fast action in achieving fine finishes, often with fewer stages.

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FX87 Sleeve Belts Ceramic

Ceramic abrasive, especially in coarser grades is highly effective on harder metals and alloys.

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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