Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Tungsten carbide burrs offer a means of de-burring, shaping and chamferring inside recesses using die grinders. We offer a range of shapes to facilitate different tasks. We also offer 2 grades to suit different metals. Most are 'Hard Metal' grade, ideal for steel, stainless steel and hard alloys. There is also a smaller selection of 'Non-Ferrous' grade which are better for bronze, aluminium alloys and brass. They are also effective on wood and can be a useful aid to carving.

Drive Tools:

Die Grinders: Most of our selection has 6mm spindles to suit the most popular collet size in die-grinders.

Dremmels: There is a small selection available with 3mm spindles. These will suit Dremmels and other craft tools.

Larger: We offer a small number of burrs with 8mm spindles. These will mainly suit drill chucks.

Extended Spindle: We offer an extended spindle (150 + mm) options on several shapes of burr.


Recommended Cutting Speeds: These products will work effectively through a wide speed range, but for more specific guidance, please click the 'More Information' Tab.

More Information

Recommended Cutting Speeds:

Our tungsten carbide burrs will generally perform well through a wide speed range, however, optimum cutting rate and life is usually achieved at the approx speeds indicated below.

Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel:

        Dia            Speed Range (RPM)

  • 3mm         27,000-45,000
  • 6mm         13,000-24,000
  • 10mm        8,000-14,000
  • 16mm        5,000-9,000

Non-Hardened Steel, Construction Steel: 

        Dia           Speed Range (RPM)

  • 3mm         48,000-64,000
  • 6mm         24,000-32,000
  • 10mm       14,000-19,000
  • 16mm         9,000-12,000

Non-Ferrous Metal

          Dia                                             Speed Range (RPM)

  • 10mm  (High stock removal)               16,000-28,000
  • 10mm (Finer finishing & de-burring)    11,000-14,000    

Carbide Burr Sets

These 5-piece kits gives a selection of useful carbide burr profiles to shape and de-burr a broad range of castings and fabrications. We offer a non-ferrous set for work on copper, bronze, aluminim alloy etc and a ferrous metal set for use on a wide range of steel alloys and cast iron.

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