Trizact 237 Powerfile Belts

Trizact Belt 

Applications: Trizact™ powerfile belts are ideal for finer work, particularly where a good finish is required on decorative materials such as stainless steel.

Product Notes: Trizact™ grades are different to coated abrasive grades. Click the More Information tab to obtain a comparison of grades. Trizact™ is a synthetic abrasive and has the benefit of faster performance than with most costed abrasives. This means that a finer grade can be selected than might normally be used, resulting in fewer stages of work to achieve a fine finish. It also gives a more consistent finish through the life of the belt.

Grades: Power files normally use coarser grades for metal removal, but Trizact™ 237 provides options upto near polished finish, equivalent to P2000 (grade A6).

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Manufacture: Made in Belgium by Cibo Abrasives.

(Trizact™ is a trade name of 3M corporation. All rights acknowledged.)

Also Available: Other grades and types of powerfile belt are available, please follow this link to see the available options. For coarse grinding, we stock a large selection of ceramic abrasive powerfile belts.


More Information

Trizact™ is graded differently to most abrasives. Equivalent 'P' grit finishes are approximately:

Trizact™    'P' Grade

A160      P120

A100      P200

A65        P280

A45        P400

A30        P600

A16        P1400

A6          P2000

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