Trizact™ 237AA Linishing Belts

Trizact 237AA Linishing Belt For Metal 

Applications: Trizact™ 237AA material will work most steels and is most popular for use on stainless steel and harder alloys. It has the characteristic of giving a relatively high cut rate, even in finer grades. It can thus offer the advantage of giving fine finishes in fewer stages and at a faster rate than is achieved by most convential abrasives. Trizact™ 237AA can be made into belts of almost any size, but due to its higher cost it can be worth keeping the specified width to the minimum needed.

Product Notes: Trizact™ is a structured grain abrasive made with fused and re-processed aluminium oxide. It is graded differently from most abrasives (see below).

Availability: Trizact™ belts for linisher and bench mounted sanders are made to order on approx 10 working day lead time. We will be pleased to quote to your requirements. Please enquire.

Grade options and standard 'P' grade equivalents are:

Trizact Grade     Standard Equivalent

A160                               P120

A100                               P220

A65                                 P280

A45                                 P400

A30                                 P800

A16                                 P1400

A6                                   P2000

Also Available: We stock knife craft belt sets in the popular 2"x72" size for American inspired belt grinders. These include Triazct™ belts. 

Trizact™ is a trade mark of the 3M Corp. All rights acknowledged.

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