Standard Quick Change Discs (Roloc™ and Lockit™ Interchangeable).

Quick Change Roloc Style Zirconium Disc. 
Quick Change Roloc Style Zirconium Disc. 
Quick Change Roloc Style Aluminium Oxide Disc. 

Applications: Interchangeable with Lockit and Roloc systems for use with angle grinders, metal polishing machines such as Finipower, air tools and drills. Suitable for mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel and fillers. Use ultra-coarse grade 24 or 36 for rapid stock removal. Use finer grades for smoothing and finishing.

Product Notes: A simple product range for exceptional value, offering zirconium abrasive in coarse grades from 24 to 120 and aluminium oxide in finer grades from 180 to 320. Nylon threaded button mounting.

Diameters: 50mm (2") and 75mm (3").

Also Available: We supply suitable backing pads. See our other extensive product offerings in Lockit style quick change discs for specialist metal finishes.

Purchasing: These discs are available for sale with generous discounts on our Abrasives World website.



Roloc™ and Lockit™ are trade marks of 3M Corp and Cibo Abrasives respectively.

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