Sanding Discs - Plain Backed

Ceramic Abrasive Sanding Discs 
Ceramic Abrasive Sanding Discs 
Aluminium Oxide Sanding Disc 

Plain Backed Discs: These are more economical than buying discs with grip or PSA backing and the choice is just as wide. Customers would normally fix these with spray adhesive which we stock if required. They can be supplied with central holes in most diameters, if required. 

A large range of abrasive materials are available from which discs can be cut to your requirements, including:

Backings: Economical paper or more durable cloth.

Abrasives: Aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, zirconium, ceramic and others are available. 

Prices: Please contact us for a quote. 

Also Available: We stock spray adhesive suitable for sanding discs. 

Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

Amazing Prices On Premium Flap Discs

High quality flap discs made in W Europe

Flap discs.