Rapid Combi Discs (RCDs)

Rapid Combi Discs are effective on slightly shaped metal surfaces. 
Rapid Combi Discs are effective on slightly shaped metal surfaces. 
Rapid Combi Discs provide a 1 step process for metal finishing. 
Rapid Combi Disc, RCD 

Applications: These discs will take a weld down to a smooth brushed or satin finish in one operation, saving time and reducing inventory. Ideal for stainless steel finishing for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries; remove TIG welds, polish tube, clean and brighten stainless. Use on standard angle grinders or variable speed metal polishing machines. The ultra-coarse grade works well as an aluminium grinding disc, with low loading tendency and cool running. These discs have been patented by Cibo Abrasives, specialist in metal finishing abrasives.

Product Notes: Incorporates the best of coated and non-woven abrasive technologies. Coated material smooths whilst non-woven abrasive finishes. Long life giving rapid savings compared with traditional abrasives, fast material removal with cool operation. RCD’s are available in 115 or 125mm diameters. Use at slower speeds (3,000 - 5,000rpm) for best finishing results.

Grades: Ultra Coarse (UC), coarse (CO), medium (ME) or very fine (VF). 

Sizes: 115mm and 125mm. 

Mounting: Standard 22.2mm bore. On a backing plate, no backing pad required.

Also Available: If finishing to a fine surface finish, unitised SAG discs will give a bright pre-polished finish. For fine finishing of flat metal, we also stock Trizact grip discs.

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