Surface Conditioning (SCM) Powerfile Belts

Powerfile surface conditioning belts. 

Applications: Surface conditioning belts have very wide ranging performance ability and are ideal for hard alloys as well as soft non-ferrous metals. Use for cleaning, blending and surface finishing. Finishes from coarse brushed to very fine can be achieved. Sizes available for most popular powerfiles. If your size is not listed, please contact us for a quote as almost any size can be made.

Product Notes:  Surface conditioning belts use:

  • A high purity aluminium oxide grit giving great cut and durability
  • A non-woven fleece structure giving a consistent, burr free finish from the start to the end of the belt life.
  • Cooling agents within the material to reduce heat on the workpiece. 

For finishing stainless steel use:

  • Coarse (CO):     For DP1 finish
  • Medium (ME):  240 / 320 finish
  • V Fine (VF):     Opti-sheen or other finer grain finishes

Also Available: As well as supplying a comprehensive range of coated abrasive power file belts in a vast range of grades and sizes, we also supply an excellent range of power file belt grinders.


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