Unitised Discs For 125mm Sander / Polisher Machines

unitised discs for 125mm polishers 
unitised discs for 125mm polishers 
Unitised disc grade MA5 
Unitised disc grade MA7 
Unitised disc grade SA5 
Unitised disc grade TA10 

 Applications: These unitised discs enable standard 125mm polishers, rotary sanders and variable speed angle grinders to reach in to and remove corner welds. There is a choice of grade enabling them to remove the welds, blend them or polish them. 


The most aggessive grade is TA10. These will quickly remove both MIG and TIG welds.

The MA7 grade gives a more controlled weld removal and blending action.

The MA5 disc is for finishing with a satin finish.

The SA5 is for fine finishing to achieve a bright finish.


  • Made with re-processed and compressed non-woven abrasive.
  • 125mm O/D. 22.2mm I/D.
  • Thickness either 3mm or 6mm see below.
  • Max Speed: Grades 5 & 7: 6,000rpm. Grade 10: 7,000rpm
  • Advised Speed: 3,000rpm (grade 5) to 7,000rpm (grade 10). (Use higher speed for stock removal and lower speed for polishing.)

Purchasing: Prices of these discs and easy purchasing facilities are on our AbrasivesWorld website.



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