Powerfiles: Seco Beltit

Beltit SH powerfile belt grinder. 
Beltit SH powerfile belt grinder. 
Belt BG20 Electric Powerfile 

The Beltit powerfile or belt grinder range by Seco is noted for rugged relaibility in industrial environments. Matched with the Cibo abrasive range of abrasive belts, including FX87 ceramic in coarser grades, we believe this offers an unrivalled package for performance, efficiency of operation and durability. They are available in 110v, 230v and pneumatic versions. 

We have selected products from the extensive Seco range to meet most popular needs most of the time for industrial metalworking applications in both stainless and mild steel. These include:

Beltit BG20: For the majority who require a simple, but robust, belt grinder. These machines have a fixed arm and are convenient and easy to use.

Beltit SH: For the metal fabricator who undertakes a range of work. These machines are variable speed, making it easier to achive finer finishes. The arms can be rotated to give the most convenient angle to work on different shapes. Although supplied with a 13mm wide arm. the ams can be interchanged.

Beltit SH5K3 Kits: Supplied as a kit built around the adaptable, variable speed SH5 belt grinder. 3 interchangeable arms of different widths are supplied along with a starting set of 80 belts. These kits enable detailed work and narrow corners right through to flat work to be undertaken quickly and efficiently. 

Beltit BG20 Powerfiles

 The BG20 powerfile is ideal for metal fabricators who require a simple, but robust belt grinder.

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Beltit SH Powerfiles

 The Beltit SH is a superior variable speed powerfile by Seco and is ideally suited to the fabricator who undertakes a range of metalwork.

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BeltIt SH Powerfile Kits

This kit gives you the suberb Beltit SH belt grinder, along with 3 different width interchangeable arms and a selection of 80 belts to get you started. Ideal for the metalworker who undertakes a wide range of fabrication work.

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