Polishing and Buffing

With the right abrasive technology the need for polishing compounds and mops is greatly reduced however they cannot be removed from the finishing process completely.  Working with Abrasives for Metal you can get the preparation right so that the polishing process is much easier.

 We supply a whole range of belts, mops and compounds designed for mirror polishing metal including


Polishing Wheels, Mops & Discs

We offer polishing wheels & mops in cotton and sisal, as well as felt discs.

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Compounds for polishing

We offer polish in the form of bars of polishing compound. A popular basic range for a wide application use is offered.

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Spindle Mounted Felt Polishing Wheels & Points

Felt tips, points or wheels mounted on a spindle offer way of polishing small items or recesses.

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Working on stainless?

Use the Inoxi-Grinder

The world's first stainless steel grinder will halve your abrasive costs.

SMIG Inoxi-Grinder The angle grinder for use on stainless steel

Amazing Prices On Premium Flap Discs

High quality flap discs made in W Europe