Knife Making 48" & 72" Sanding Belt Sets

Trizact Knife Making Sanding Belts 72" 
Trizact Knife Making Sanding Belts 72" 
Ceramic Abrasive Belt For Knife Making 

Applications: These belts fit several makes of American style 72 and 48inch belt sanders, designed for specialist knife making crafts. Machines include North Ridge Tools 11c, Pheer Grinders PH454, Wilton Square Wheel, Burr King 972, KMG, Ameribrade 272, amongst others. The belt set is selected for hard steel and stainless steel, as well as mild and unhardened steels. 10 belts in 5 different grades (2 per grade) will take the process from light grinding to brushed/satin finishing in grade equivalent to 1400, from which finish polishing up to mirror is possble with suitable polishing wheels.

 Product Notes: Metric size is 1830x50mm or 1220x50mm, being equivalent to 72in x 2in and 48in x 2in respectively. Packs include 10 belts with 2 each of the following:

  • Heavy duty zirconium: grade 80.
  • High purity aluminim oxide, top coated for cooler operation: grades 180 and 320.
  • Trizact™ 237AA: grades A30 (P600) and A16 (P1400). (Trizact is a trade mark of 3M Corp).

All belts are made with high quality angled, ground, taped and cured joints for durability and minimal bumping. 

Also Available: Superb satin finishes can be applied to metal using convolute metal finishing wheels. We supply polishing wheels and compounds for polishing hard metals including stainless steel.

Purchasing: These belts can be purchased via our Abrasives World website.

More Information

Abrasive Belts Selection For Knife Craft Explained

Belt Sequence: In selecting an abrasives sequence to make a metal surface improvement process it is worth noting that the grind marks from any grade can usually be successfully removed using a finer grade up to roughly double the grade. Starting therefore at grade 80, which is ideal for light grinding, this rule has been followed with the sequence of grades 80-180-320-600-1400. The knife blade forming process may require courser products, such as coarse belts, or grinding wheels. The fine brushed finish left by the Trizact A16 belts can also be further refined right up to mirror polish if required. 

Belt Specifications: 

Grade 80: We include heavy duty polyester backed zirconium (HZ72) for this stage. At this stage, the basic shape may still be being finalised by light grinding. These belts will successfully grind hardened steel or alloys such as stainless steel. The backing is polyester to resist tearing at pressure points.

Grade 180: As zirconium is not available above grade 120, we include a high purity aluminium oxide (JF4T), suitable for hard steels. This is top coated for cooler running and to aid sanding. The backing is a J-weight polyester. 

Grade 320: As above, making the next step in surface improvement.

Grade 600: This stage switches to the 3M Trizact 237AA material, marked A30. This is a 'structured' abrasive with formed abrasive grain of even structure. It works well on all steels, giving a great finish. It also works fast.

Grade 1400: This stage also uses Trizact 237AA as above, marked A16. This will leave a fine brushed or 'satin' finish, which may be as required for many blades. 

If further surface improvement is required, we would suggest:

Convolute wheels on a suitable bench machine can produce fine, satin finishes can be quickly achieved using grade 1 or 2.

Polishing mops can improve the surface to a mirror finish if required. We would suggest using a stitched cotton mop, keeping one for each polish grade so as not to cross-contaminate. 

Polishing Compounds to use on the polishing mops. If the surface is bright, then stages from PV101 (green) to PV102 (pink) will improve the surface to mirror finish. If the surface is dull with light grind marks still showing before polishing, you may want to start the polishing with PV569 (black) before the final 2 stages.

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