Abrasive Discs

We stock a wide range of abrasive discs for angle grinders and air-tools. Some of these use latest abrasives technology and can offer faster finishing solutions than more traditional products, therefore requiring fewer work stages to achieve a high quality finish. An example of this would be when weld finishing and blending, try our Abrasive Combi-discs which can remove welds and create a fine finish in one action.

Grip (loop) Backed Discs

Grip or 'Velcro' type backed sanding discs offer a convenient way of rapidly changing discs on suitable backing pads, for a flat face and smooth results.

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Stripping and Cleaning Discs

Stripping discs remove paint, varnish, rust and grime from metal. Also ideal for surface conditioning stainless steel.

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Fibre Backed / Sanding Discs

We offer fibre backed sanding discs in sizes from 100 to 180mm in both aluminium oxide and zirconium abrasive. We also have them in surface conditioning material (SCM).

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Flap and Angle Grinder Finishing Discs

We offer Britain's best range of angle grinder discs for metalworking for better and faster finishes. Please take a look to see how products such a Rapid Combi Discs and SAG metal finishing discs could help you.

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Metal Cutting Discs

We offer both standard and thin metal cutting or slitting discs in sizes from 75mm to 355mm for angle grinders, chop saws, air tools and petrol saws.

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Metal Grinding Discs

Metal grinding discs provide a quick way of shaping metal and removing welds and sharp edges from metal with an angle grinder.

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Roloc™/ Lockit™ Quick Change Discs

The Lockit quick change disc system is fully Roloc™ compatible.

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Socatt Quick Change Discs

Socatt quick change discs are available in 50 and 75mm for use with suitable holders.

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PSA Backed Self Adhesive Sanding Discs

 PSA backed self adhesive discs can be supplied in almost any abrasive as required to suit you application.

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Sanding Discs - Plain Backed

 We can supply plain backed sanding discs, cut to order, from 10mm to 800mm diameter. Customers can fix these with spray adhesive. 

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

Amazing Prices On Premium Flap Discs

High quality flap discs made in W Europe

Flap discs.