How To Slit Metal With 3" Sliiting Discs Without Constantly Changing The Disc

The new 75mm Multi-Cut wheel typically outlasts 40-50 standard 75mm slitting discs. It uses externally bonded diamond to make a direct diamond contact with the metal. The benefit of the much longer life is not just in saving the time of constantly changing discs, but also in the fact that the diamond wheel keeps a much more consistent diameter to cut with. As it uses diamond, it will also cut much more than metal. It will cut concrete, stone, GRP, fibreglass, composites and much more. Mounting arbours available for die grinders etc. Multi-Cut Metal Slitting Wheel 75mm Metal Slitting Wheel On Arbour


Britain's Best Range of Bobbin Sander Sleeves Now In Stock

Oscillating bobbin sanders are great machines for working curves and holes on metal or wood. We now stock a huge range of sleeves to fit almost all the machines sold in UK market. The quality spiral wound method of construction means they present a joint bump-free surface and so give a consistent finish all round. Diameters from as small as 6.4mm (1/4") up to 76mm (3") in lengths from 100mm (4") to 280mm (11") are in stock.

 Oscillating Bobbin Sander Sleeves.


Carbide Burrs - Huge Range In Stock

Carbide burrs are great tools to work in detailed areas of metal. We stock 12 different shapes in sizes from 3mm upwards. Most are for hard metal, but there is also a good range of options for non-ferrous metals. In order to keep these useful items handy in your workshop, why not buy a kit with a selection of 5 of the most popular shapes? Carbide Burr Set

Great quality, huge choice, low prices and stock availability - this is the place to buy!

Abrasive Belts For Almost Any Machine

Abrasive sanding beltsMetal grinding belt.Power file abrasive belts

We hold an extensive range of standard stock belts which you can see at the following link:  See our standard belt range here.

In addition we can supply any belt size you require made to order.  From large wide belt sanders for graining to the smallest powerfile or sleeve.  Please give us a call.


Welcome to Britain's most comprehensive website dedicated to abrasives for metal. Abrasive cutting, grinding, flap and sanding discs, belts, wheels, sheets, metalworking tools and machines can all be bought here, with applications advice and detailed product information given. 

Our aim is simple: To give you the information you need to select the right abrasive products to achieve excellent metal finishes quickly and to supply them to you in an efficient and timely way.

In addition to providing a fresh approach to many of the 'standard' abrasive products, at Abrasives for Industry we are also looking to give you the ‘cutting edge’ solutions. Products to remove material and create an amazing finish and tooling that makes 'difficult' finishing jobs easy. Check the menu of products to the left to take a closer look at any of these abrasive solutions...

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Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

Did you know we can supply belts made to order at no extra charge?

All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

Amazing Prices On Premium Flap Discs

High quality flap discs made in W Europe

Flap discs.