Convolute Finishing Wheels

Convolute Metal Polishing Wheels 

Applications: These wheels are most commonly used on rotating shaft bench machines where the component can be presented to the wheel, or possibly on flexible shaft machines to take the wheel to the work-piece. They can save a lot of time in de-burring, removing surface coatings and oxidation, polishing out scratches, weld blending and satin finishing. They are well suited to finishing stainless steel and hard alloys such as those used in the aerospace and defence industries.

Product Notes: On convolute wheels the lower the grade number, the firmer & denser the wheel. Lower grades will also have a higher stock removal rate, but the finish will be finer. The higher grades are softer and more conformable, such that grade 4 can be relatively easily profiled. Grade 4 is the softest wheel and is mainly used for finishing. It is offered in coarse and medium finish for brushed or satin finishes. The finest satin finishes are achieved with grade 1. For more information on wheel characteristics, please click the More Information tab below.

Convolute wheels are made from re-processed non-woven material, bonded and rolled to achieve the required diameters, then slit into narrower wheels. Wheels of different width may be available to order - please enquire. Optimum performance is usually achieved after working and opening up the wheel a little. The may be accelerated by running an abrasive file on the surface.

Sizes: Typical diameters: 150mm, 200mm and 300mm. Typical widths from 13mm (1/2"), 25mm (1"), 50mm (2"). Please contact us if you have other size requirements.

Also Available: For smaller sizes, we also supply a range of unitised wheels. For metal finishing with bench mounted shaft machines, we also offer a range of flap wheels.

Purchasing: Prices and easy purchasing facilities are on our AbrasivesWorld website.


More Information

Convolute Wheel Characteristics and Selection

The following is a guide to convulote wheel charateristics to help you in selection the most suitable for your application:


Characteristic  /Grade




4 Medium

4 Coarse


Firmest<---------------------------------------àMore Conformable

Ability To Profile



Denser<--------------------------------- --------------------àLighter

Material Removal




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