Beltit Powerfile Range

Beltit powerfile BG20 
Beltit powerfile BG20 
Beltit SH pneumatic 

Applications: Our comprehensive range of Beltit belt grinders are available in 110v, 230v and pneumatic options. The Beltit belt grinders are ideally suited for use on most materials including plastic, glass, metals and stainless. 

Beltit SH: Perfect for stainless steel: Polishing and finishing

Beltit BG: Ideal for use on mild steel: Dressing out weld splatter or deburring laser cut edges

Beltit BF: Good all round machine for general fabrication work: Roughing, weld removal, de-burring, blending and dressing,

Product Notes: Our powerfile machines are lightweight and have an insulated handle to reduce vibration and run quietly which rotates from the motor for use in awkward angles. 

Machine: 110v 230v Air Variable Speed Fixed Speed Fixed Arm Range of Arms

Also Available: We also supply a comprehensive range of consumeables which includes abrasive and surface conditioning belts for easy grinding, de-burring, blending, graining and finishing. 

Beltit BG Powerfile

For use on general fabrication work, fixed speed and fixed arm machine.


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Beltit BF Powerfile

For general fabrtication work. Interchangeable arms and speed electric or air driven motors.

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Beltit SH Powerfile

Range of arms and variable speed makes this machine an ideal choice for use on stainless steel.

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