Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Linishing & Sanding Belts

Aluminium oxide abrasive linishing belts. 

Applications: Aluminium oxide is a good all round abrasive belt for general purpose use in the engineering shop, especially if mainy used on mild steel. It is also highly effective on all types of wood.

Product Notes: A strong aluminium oxide abrasive cloth with a cotton or poly-cotton backing material. The X-weight cotton backing provides a good level of support and durability for metalwork in coarser grades up to 180 grade and a lighter J-weight backing provides more flexibility in finer grades. Size 1830x50mm is offered in a top coated material for use on harder alloys for such activities as knife making.

Also Available: For stainless steel and harder alloys, we recommend zirconium abrasive belts or ceramic abrasive for top performance.

Purchasing: We stock the popular 915x100mm size, but prices and easy ordering facilities are available on our Abrasives World website.

Abrasive Belts In Almost Any Size

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All have well made taped joints and and use quality abrasive materials for high performance and long life.

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